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limpezas domesticas no algarve

in the Algarve

Does your home need a thorough cleaning by professionals? Hire our service. It includes travel, work and cleaning products. Minimum contracted time 2H.

Discover the Housekeeping services at your disposal

Punctual Maintenance Cleaning

Ideal for customers who only want one cleaning a month or just need occasional help. Ideal for apartments, houses, offices, when you buy Spot Cleaning, we give an estimate by footage of the time it will take to clean the normal dirt of one or two weeks without cleaning. If you have more dirt accumulated, ask for a free quote for deep cleaning or contact us on WhatsApp.

Deep Cleaning Service

Ideal for cleaning specific items that are left without cleaning for more than 30 days. Includes: Cleaning of Glasses and Windows; Cabinets inside; Walls, Tiles and ceilings; Wardrobes inside; Fridge; etc… For those items where dirt is more accumulated, along with the normal cleaning of the environments.

Post-Construction Cleaning Service

Above all, the investment you have made in your new home, office or commercial store needs to be well taken care of. The use of products for the type of post-work cleaning must be done by professionals who understand and know that the use of abrasive products can damage the materials. For Post Construction Cleaning, we consider the Critical Points of cleaning in general: Special care is required in the use of post construction cleaning products, for cleaning floors and tiles so as not to damage marble, granite, aluminum, stainless steel and wood pieces. It is necessary that the product is spread in small areas at a time and removed at the right time, so that the cleaning does not cause damage.

Service Information

Punctual Cleaning:From €11.90/hour
Deep Cleaning:From €29.80/hour
Post-Construction Cleaning:Requires budget

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