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limpeza de colchoes no algarve

in the Algarve

Mattress cleaning service at home. It includes travel, work and cleaning products. Minimum service of 50€.

Discover our Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing services

Cleaning and Sanitizing Mattresses

The mattress is a favorable place for the accumulation of mites. In this way, a good mattress cleaning can help prevent respiratory problems such as asthma and other allergies. As we deposit sweat and oil particles daily during sleep, nothing fairer than investing in mattress cleaning, isn’t it? Here are some practical tips that will help you save time and money when cleaning.

Deep Dry Cleaning.

We perform the dry cleaning of the mattress with deep hygiene, removing dirt that could be ingrained deeper.
Before, however, we apply a special product suitable for cleaning mattresses, eliminates germs, mites and bacteria.
This same product also has the action of eliminating some stains in 99% of cases, returning the mattress to its appearance that is closest to the original. After letting the product act for a while, brushing is carried out with special brushes and the product is vacuumed, which is stored in special equipment for this purpose, capable of vacuuming up all the dirt and ingrained bacteria.

Service Information

Single Mattress:From €50
Double Mattress:From €70

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