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in the Algarve

This is a sofa cleaning service at home, for a minimum order of €50. The value includes travel, work and cleaning products. Does not include cleaning of decorative pillows.

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Anti-allergic hygiene

The anti-allergic hygiene service will eliminate those responsible for diseases such as allergy, bronchitis, asthma, rhinitis and eczema, that are often housed in your sofas, mattresses and rugs are responsible for these respiratory diseases.
With the use of the Vacuum / Extractor, we achieve effective hygiene providing incredible benefits for you and your family. Stay protected from dangers you can’t see, that are: mites, mold, fungi and bacteria.

Upholstery Washing

Upholstery washing ensures the aesthetics and hygiene of something very important in your home or business.
Restore the new look of your sofa, chairs, armchairs, etc., with our washing and sanitizing service carried out in the comfort of your home or business.
Homing uses a technological upholstery washing system that sanitizes your upholstery, improving its quality.
This cleaning applies to sofas, rugs, carpets, mattresses, car upholstery and all cushioned surfaces in general. Don’t change. Renew!!
Check our upholstery cleaning service for companies and request a free quote now.

Does not include cleaning of decorative pillows.

Service Information

Upholstered Chair:From €20
3 Seater Sofa:From €60
ArmchairFrom €30
Chaise Longue 2 Seats:From €65
2 Seater Sofa:From €50
Chaise Longue 3 Seats: From €75

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